Thursday, 20 August 2015

Neutral rating on Cipla, Sun Pharma no game changer: Sarabjit Kour Nangra, Angel Broking, Pharma

In an interview with ET Now, Sarabjit Kour Nangra, VP - Research, Angel Broking, Pharma, shares his views on markets. Excerpts: 

ET Now: What is that you have made of the USFDA approval for Lupin for a drug of the Goa plant and does Lupin become a buy right now? 

Sarabjit Kour Nangra: This is definitely positive because we expect that Goa facility is not a big issue. It is just a few observations which have come in and we believe that  that it is positive because it indicates that probably they will overcome it. We have a neutral rating on the stock. We do not think the current valuations justify a buy rating on the stock. 

ET Now: What about Sun Pharma, do you think these two product approvals that they have got, how big an opportunity are those for Sun Pharma? 

Sarabjit Kour Nangra: It is a good opportunity in the sense it is a specialised generic, nonetheless it is a generic because the product is already generic and there are various copies available to the product, but since it is a variation, it is in a capsule form, most of the oral products are equivalent available  in the branded and generic market are in the form of tablets, so this is a capsule with a higher dosage. 

So, for the Sun PharmaBSE 0.28 % given its competitive edge and given the efficacy of the product, it can easily do 80 to 50 million on a conservative basis to begin with and then scale up the product. As of now, it is not a game changer but it can be as the product scales up over a period of years. So, it is good news and the ANDA approval that they have got is also of decent size  o it will add to the company but since the company is so big that such small approvals do not add significantly. 

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